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天使投资唐 发表于 2014-6-24 12:27:18 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式
《天使投资》的4F:1F=Founders创始人投资自己,亲友2~3F给力,第4F=Fools才会锦上添花。投资自己和下一代回报最大,也可带动旁人投资!//@被遗忘的榕树: 是的,成功不是课堂上,光华什么学院,讲出来的,压根就没有什么案例好讲的。只有靠自己。其他都是假的。好比,生儿子,一定要亲力亲为


本来所谓的教导都是互相矛盾的。我说过:创业要听内心的呼唤,尽信书不如无书,不要轻信大佬,老师或我的建议,可能不适用!要独立思考!//@佰货秀_深圳打折网:我们后辈如果全部相信前辈经验,那是会做不出优秀的事来的,创造不了什么。 本人觉得,应该听从内心深处的呼唤,做独一无二的自己,这样才有意义。我反对您的总结。
  • 姚劲波:创业不融资不可能成功。平台+电商要烧钱才可成功!
  • 成功不可复制,既然不可复制也就是说大佬们或老师们都不知道如何成功,如果知道自己都去做了。
  • 所以,成功的创业者就要自己杀出一条血路,反过来证明之前怀疑者都是错的!否则,怀疑者默认就是对的!


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Fis 发表于 2014-6-24 16:36:05 | 显示全部楼层


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 楼主| 天使投资唐 发表于 2014-6-25 17:28:30 | 显示全部楼层
Fis 发表于 2014-6-24 16:36
自己当然是最靠谱的F,但没见过世面的亲友不靠谱。亲身经历,当我说200万占30%股价的时候,他们说这是天方 ...

52 Week Pledge: You Can’t Risk Being Too Scared To Invest In YOURSELF

http://www.thisisyourconscience. ... n-yourself-week-37/
By Lincoln Anthony Blades on 05/22/2013
As I’ve mentioned on this site before, the show “Shark Tank” (a.k.a. “Dragon’s Den”) is one of my favourite programs on TV because it gives the good, the bad and the ugly realities of chasing your dream. It can be used as a pamphlet on how to achieve your goals, and it can also be a manual on what mistakes you MUST avoid. I think the scariest part of the show for ANY entrepreneur, is hearing how much money these people invest into these ideas that end up going NOWHERE. It’s crazy to see the entire panel of investors reject an idea, and then hear the inventor reveal that they put like $35K behind it – which they most likely will NEVER recoup. For most people, it triggers our ‘flight’ response, and makes us believe that we TOO should avoid substantial investments into ourselves, which is not necessarily true. Although we need to make SMART decisions, investing into ourselves is an absolute MUST.
As I write this, I just returned to Toronto from The Battle Of The Sexes event out in Oakland this weekend. The event was amazing, I had a good time, and I met some really good people. I also spent a LOT of money on different things. I needed new business cards, a server upgrade, and I even paid extra days for my hotel just so I can stay out there and network as much as possible. I’m glad to report that much of it was worth it, and I’m definitely hoping that the full investment pays off in the near future, but I realize that investing into myself was INCREDIBLY necessary.
Far too often I meet people who want to accomplish a goal or follow a dream and they’re willing to bust their ass, put in long hours and hustle hard – but they balk at the concept of investing in themselves. What’s worse is that we ALL have family, friends and colleagues who will convince us how STUPID it is for us to spend money on ourselves. But the truth is, most businesses require a good investment to become successful, so if we’re are too scared to invest in ourselves, how exactly can we expect other people to confidently invest in us?
And this is not just for entrepreneurs, but anyone trying to achieve any goal. If you want to get a promotion at work, look into investing into courses that can help give you more knowledge or credentials. If you want to lose weight, look into working with a nutritionist. I’m NOT saying to go out and try to ball ’til you fall, but understand that you MUST invest in yourself in order to accomplish your goal.


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