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唐滔Victor会在 GMIC硅谷2015 大会的大数据论坛上做主持人

唐滔 Victor Tong 这两天会在【GMIC硅谷2015】大会,30日周三13点在大数据论坛上做主持人,如果有哪位这两天在硅谷 Silicon Valley 或 旧金山湾区 SF Bay Area 的话,请欢迎过来参会,期待见面聊。

Big DataAttend to learn how using data (big and small) can drastically improve your products, marketing, operations and company overall. Feature sessions and topics regarding harnessing data to revolutionize products, businesses, innovative forms of information processing for enhanced insight and decision making.

September 30, 20151:30 PM~2:15 PM
Leveraging Data to Improve UI/UX and Revolutionize Products
Big Data can be used to creatively segment your user base, but you must look for stories in the data and how it clusters to uncover the “why” behind user behavior. Quantitative data analysis cannot perfectly reveal the qualitative experience of the user, and it is misguided to drive change uniformly across all demographics given the variety of subjective user experiences. This session will show you how to leverage data leading to ah-ha! moments that reveal user sentiments.

Victor Tong, Founder & Chief Evangelizing Officer, Webplus
Bonnie Barrilleaux, Data Scientist, LinkedIn
Kendall Hulet, SVP of Product, Ancestry
Muddu Sudhakar, VP & GM Security Markets, Splunk
Jeannie Yang, Chief Product & Design Officer, Smule
GMIC features market disrupting mobile leaders from Silicon Valley and around the world. New speakers are added regularly; check back often to see the latest updates
Victor Tong, Founder & Chief Evangelizing Officer, Webplus

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